The Banner Saga 2 download

The Banner Saga 2 download
The Banner Saga 2

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The Banner Saga 2

Name: Banner Saga 2

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy

Developer: Stoik

Publisher: Versus Evil

Release Date: 19 April 2016

The goal-line: 84

About the game:

Award winning and nominated for BAFTA for Banner Saga Saga continues 2. Continue your journey shortly after the climactic events of the Banner Saga. They, you have optionsis an exciting sequel to the first game is alive and who is dead as well. You must crumble around the world, but it remains a bastion of hope, but continues to Bitartean zalvereisen strong leadership, hard sacrifice, the impact of new characters, and, always, fight like a good strategy.

The mainspecifications

Viking epic saga continues with a stunning battle scenes 2D hand-drawn animation and special effects more intensified, again accompanied by evocative score by Grammy composer Austin Uintori

Player option that history continues to be the story of your firstmatchivarianty, and you need to create oinarritzenda hard choices.

New characters and follow a new race and a new breed of your epic journey new characters, interacting with horses born.

Improved strategic combat with improved effects, fighting for more strategiccommittees and permanent loss of characters still heavy burden on your mind long after the fight to improve.

As the journey and build its role in managing your caravan is as important as podorozhdaGarrantzitsua great landscape as critical not only your survivalbut a whole civilization devoortbestaan

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