Smithland Pool – Golconda, Illinois

The Smithland Pool was created with the completion of the Smithland Dam which is located approximately l6 miles South of Golconda, IL. The Smithland Pool runs from the Smithland Dam to the J T Meyers Dam near Uniontown, KY. The pool is 72 miles long and contains over 27000 acres of the beautiful Ohio Rivers waters. It provides many small embayment’s and secluded islands which provide excellent boating and fishing opportunities. These embayment’s are actually small tributaries that were impounded when the dam was built. Major embayment’s on the Illinois side include Lusk Creek, Barren Creek, Big Creek, Grand Pierre Creek, Bay Creek, Dog Creek, Alcorn Creek and the Saline River. Several of these “creeks” are thought of as small Rivers by tourists and boaters as they are wide and deep and can be navigated in many cases as much as 5 or 6 miles upstream.

The banks and shallows surrounding the main channel and many islands on the Smithland Pool provide excellent fishing for spotted bass, white bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill and many species of catfish. The tail waters of the Smithland Dam provide excellent angling opportunities to catch sport fish such as sauger, blue cat, channel cat, flat heads, striped bass, and white bass in its fast moving water.

Boaters will find miles and miles of secluded waters with beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife to view along the banks and in the huge trees surrounding it and the many islands in the river. Bald eagles, osprey, blue herons, deer, turkey, beaver, muskrat and bobcat are abundant and can be easily seem from your boat.

Lock through the dams on the Smithland Pool and boat up to Pittsburgh, PA, or down stream to the Mississippi River, Cumberland River, or Tennessee River. The later two will take you to the Barkley Lake and Kentucky Lake area. Which ever way you go, you have endless boating possibilities as far as Pittsburgh, PA, and the Gulf of Mexico.